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It’s all about you. Hydration is vital for life and you deserve the best.

nakd offers one of the softest artesian waters in the world, rich in minerals like silica which are revitalising for the skin, a balanced alkalinity, which provides a neutral or “sweet” taste and low levels of nitrates which make it one of the purest and cleanest waters in the world.

nakd is bottled at source in New Zealand, 100% pure and untouched until the seal is broken.

Purity, Taste, Style.

nakd journey

nakd water is said to begin its journey at the Antarctic. The vapours travel across the ice-cold South Pacific Ocean before falling as rain, high in the pristine North Island Ranges of New Zealand. From here it seeps below the surface of the earth where it undergoes at least 50 years of natural filtration through porous volcanic rock that organically enriches the water. It then collects underground in the Artesian Aquifer before we capture it under its own pressure 80m below the ground.

Nakd Water

nakd lifestyle

The concept for nakd's personality is of an indulgent water experience with a rebellious twist.

At nakd we believe that purity, fashion, fun and wellbeing are the cornerstones of your customers' lifestyle. nakd is the perfect choice whether having a meal, enjoying sport, or partying into the night.

Look great, feel great, get nakd.

nakd awards

Best innovation in Bottled Water - NZ Beverage Council Awards 2016
Gold Medal Best Packaging in the World 2016.
Ranked Top 4 Best Sparkling Water in the World 2016.
Ranked No.2 Best Mineral Water Brand 2016.
Silver Medal Best Packaging in the World 2015.
Silver Medal Best Packaging in New Zealand 2015.
Ranked Top 4 Best Sparkling Waters in the World 2014.
Member of the Fine Water Society.

sweet balanced & pure

nakd. - "Superior Purity" - Nitrates 0.32mg/l

By definition, no water is comprised solely of H2O (hydrogen and oxygen). However, it’s important that any additional minerals are desirable and healthy. Nitrate levels are a good measure of the purity of a water source as they are linked to human activity levels. In its natural state, water has less than 1mg/l of nitrates. Anything above this indicates some outside influence. nakd’s Nitrate levels are below 0.4mg/l making it one of the purest and clean waters in the world.

Superior 0 - 1mg/l
Very Good 1 - 4mg/l
Good 4 - 7mg/l
Acceptable 7 - 10mg/l
Potable 10 - 50mg/l

nakd. - "Low" in Total Dissolved Solids - TDS 118

Have you ever heard the saying "less is more" – well we think this is true with water. Less taste means more enjoyment. The amount of minerals dissolved in the water is known as total dissolved solids (TDS) and is measured in milligrams per litre of water. Low TDS waters have been compared to white wines with a light, clean and palate cleansing taste. High TDS waters have a stronger taste, often high in sodium and bicarbonates and are the heavy red wine equivalent.

Low 50 - 250mg/l
Medium 250 - 500mg/l
High 500mg/l +

this is nakd luxury

Glass Still

750ml Glass Still
500ml Glass Still
300ml Glass Still

Perfect for restaurants, hotels, wine bars, cafes and home dining.

Glass Sparkling

750ml Glass Sparkling
500ml Glass Sparkling
300ml Glass Sparkling

Perfect for restaurants, hotels, wine bars, cafes and home dining.


All bottles are BPA free.

1.25Ltr PET Still
500ml PET Still
300ml PET Still

Perfect for hotel mini bars, beach clubs, convenience stores, gyms, vending machines and school lunchboxes.

Boxed Water

BPA free.

10Ltr Boxed Water.

Perfect for offices, schools, gyms, camping, yachting and in the home.

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